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Veritas Inc Atlanta Reviews Best Marketing Practices

In this guest post, a manager at Veritas Inc Atlanta reviews the best marketing practices in Georgia. Leave comments at the end of this post for additional insight on advertising and marketing!

Veritas Inc Atlanta Reviews

Veritas Inc 3715 Northside Pkwy NW Atlanta, GA 404-869-0015. Veritas Inc has quickly become one of the biggest marketing and advertising companies in the nation. After review, it seems that they still face some of the same problems and obstacles that most of us marketing and sales professionals do, but they have managed to expand into over 75 markets in the last ten years. There are several testimonials raving about their services.

Wondering what Veritas means, check out this wiki page. Veritas Incorporated believes in truth in advertising and truth in results. In this post, a manager at the company comments on how they do it…

Veritas Inc Atlanta Review of the Big Picture

Getting results in the marketing industry is only apparent if you have an increase in sales. So, instead of wondering how you can get a better result with you marketing efforts, you should focus on how to get more sales.

The problem with most marketing companies, not just in Atlanta, is that they think about cool and creative ways to increase ‘awareness’ through neat looking posters in public restrooms and public bus stops. What they don’t take into consideration is how many customers these things are actually bringing their client. Some people think that these types of marketing companies are borderline scams, but if you ask me, they do what they say they are going to do…but the results never come.

So how can you get better results with your marketing efforts? Easy. Focus on getting more sales. In order to do this effectively, you need a BLANKET APPROACH and then a KNOCK-OUT punch.

Veritas Inc Atlanta’s Review of the Blanket Approach

If you want to catch a lot of fish, you need a big net. So, when starting off your marketing campaign, it’s important to investigate all opportunities for new business development. This could be through email marketing, online advertising, telemarketing, mass media communications, or any other avenue that you like.

Blanketing the marketplace with your marketing message is the point. You will probably get some sales from this, but you won’t get a ton. You have to sort of ease the market into it at first. At this point, your early adapters are going to jump on board and buy your product or service right away…that is if they notice your product.

At Veritas Inc, we don’t have to worry about this because our clients do that for us. We are in constant communications with our Fortune 500 clients and we review each channel’s effectiveness. What we specialize in is the KNOCK-OUT punch. We get the customers that they can’t.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Reviews the Ultimate Marketing KNOCK-OUT Punch

In order to get the customers that your previous marketing efforts haven’t been able to acquire, you have to do something different. As all of your marketing efforts up til now have been focused on blanketing your market, it’s time to go in for the kill.

This is what we at Veritas Inc Atlanta specialize in. When other companies want a result, they call us. None of them ever have any complaints. We are the experts and our client list is jammed up with a ton of new business. For more information on how to do what we do, visit Veritas Inc Atlanta. Veritas Inc focuses on face-to-face marketing and direct sales. You’ll find our information very useful in your own marketing campaigns.

Veritas Inc reviews


Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City Reviews

One company that I ran into recently has stirred up some news in Kansas City. It turns out that Strategic Campaigns Inc is becoming well-known throughout the Midwest. If you know about marketing, than you probably know about this corporation. They specialize in personal representation. In other words, personal selling. One thing that is interesting to note though, is that they only represent other companies. They don’t have a product or service that they themselves own.


For more information on Strategic Campaigns Inc, be sure to read some of the Strategic Campaigns Inc reviews. You’ll find a lot of employee testimonials and reporting on that page as well. This corporation knows what they are doing…for sure! Go read some of their stuff!

One thing that they really promote is a team atmosphere in your marketing department. After all, your people are going to be working together for some time (we hope), so a team environment is really essential. These guys even throw nerf balls at each other to let off some steam in their down time! How’s that for a fun team environment!?

To read more about Strategic Campaigns Inc Kansas City, be sure to read what they have posted on twitter. They go by @StrategicKansas. Be sure to follow them! I do for all the top marketing and advertising news.