LASIK Atlanta Case Study: Building a Website

Building a website isn’t really all that difficult. There are many platforms that make the process “drag and drop.” The newly launched website, LASIK Atlanta (, doesn’t follow the traditional method though. If you look now (at the time of me writing this post), you’ll see that the website itself is very ugly. However, the content is very well thought out and the structure of the actual website is done the right way. I’ll get more into this later, but you should know that building a website isn’t just about making it visually appealing. It’s also about making it functional.

In the battle of functionality vs graphics, the former wins every time. Just think about what you want your website to actually do. It’s not just a portfolio. It’s a tool to turn visitors into buyers. It’s quite possibly the greatest marketing tool you’ll ever have in your tool belt. If you don’t have one yet, here’s how you do it.

LASIK Atlanta’s Functionality

Since the webmaster, Tom Spradlin, hasn’t implemented any of his design aspects of the website yet, it makes it very easy for us to look at the structure of the website. Here’s what it looks like.

Main Topic
– Subtopic
– Subtopic
– Subtopic
– Subtopic

Many people get this wrong. Here’s what it looks like according to the LASIK theme.

LASIK Atlanta (Home Page)
– how it’s done
– cataract surgery in Atlanta, GA
– glaucoma surgery in Atlanta, GA
– financing the cost of LASIK

Ideally there would be more pages under each main subtopic, but from what I understand, the content is still in development. As it stands now, visitors can find pretty much anything they need when researching who the best LASIK surgeons in Atlanta are, what all is involved in the actual surgery, and how they can afford it. LASIK Atlanta even goes so far as to list several of the pro’s and con’s of this elective surgical procedure. Laser vision correction isn’t something that people just impulse-buy. They research it thoroughly and want the best value. From what I can tell, this particular website gives a person all of the information they need to do just that.

Why LASIK Atlanta as a Case Study?

We chose this website due to it’s newness in Google’s cache. It was launched just a few months ago and we are hopeful that it compete with some of the other laser vision correction websites listed on the first page of the search engines. The people over at Force Boost, an SEO company in Atlanta, Georgia are consulting with Mr. Spradlin on his website. I don’t think that they are actively involved in it’s creation, but they are helping out Mr. Spradlin as a trade agreement for speaking at their business mastermind group that they host once a year.

I hope this case study has helped give you a few ideas on how to set up your website according to thematic relevance. If not, just go check out their website for yourself and you’ll easily be able to see what I’m talking about. You can also view some more of their content about LASIK and cataract surgery on the company’s niche site hosted on For a list of all of the stuff they’ve published, visit this LASIK themed Scoop.It.