Sales and Marketing Job Description

Sales and marketing job descriptions that no one can find anywhere else. If you are wondering what a marketing or sales job looks like at the entry level, you have come to the right place. In this post, we are going to be looking at the company called, Veritas Inc Atlanta, and their entry level account manager position.

Veritas Inc Atlanta Jobs

Veritas Inc Atlanta serves as a face to a company’s logo. The company has been around a very long time and hires people for entry level sales and marketing jobs. What’s a little bit different about this company, though, is that they have an unprecedented training program. to find out more about this method of training and quick advancement, be sure to visit Veritas Inc Atlanta on LinkedIn. You can view their entry level marketing job description there.

What they don’t tell you, is actually how much work it takes to get ahead in the industry. A few potential negatives for people looking for just a JOB are the long hours, the commitment required, and the level of play that these guys operate at.

This isn’t for the feint of heart. That’s for sure Veritas Inc Atlanta plays to win and anyone who is looking for that typical nine-to-five sales and marketing job better look someplace else.

Veritas Inc Sales and Marketing Jobs

Sales and marketing jobs at Veritas Inc are considered highly coveted by most professionals. With hindsight being 20-20, most people in the industry WISHED that they had the training that Veritas Inc puts out.

Sales and marketing jobs start early in the morning and most employees stay very late. The typical marketing and sales job is one that requires patience and a high degree of commitment.

If you find yourself in this sort of position, you should definitely be aware of the potential positives as well…

You can literally have anything you want.

Yup, its true. People who excel at something that most people can’t or wont do themselves ultimately get whatever they want in life. The reason that most jobs in sales and marketing at the entry level aren’t fun or exciting, is because they are meant to weed people out.

If someone isn’t willing to do the work, the company doesn’t want to teach them the skills. It’s pretty straightforward. Just look at the movie – Pursuit of Happiness. Look at all that guy went through. Only a very few are willing to do that kind of work to get ahead in life.

If you are one of those few people, you are in luck. Just by default, many people will disqualify themselves. For more information on Veritas Inc, go check out their website: or their review site at

Sales and Marketing Job Description

The sales and marketing job at Veritas Inc in Atlanta is tough. That’s a definite. However, you may be able to find something a little more appealing if you aren’t ready to fully commit to being a player in the industry. Just check out for some marketing and sales jobs and you might be able to find something.

Good luck!

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